Australia #6

Here I am again, writing to the Internet what I do during my days as an Italian exchange student in Australia.

Saturday, I went to the city with my friends, we went shopping. We first went to Starbucks and then to JD where we spent an hour cause some of my friends were really slow at choosing what to buy. Then most of them went to a pharmacy/makeup shop and me and a good friend of mine went to the bookstore. I wanted to buy a book and he bought some postcards. After half an hour of searching I finally decided to buy “A general History of the Robberies & Murders of the Most Notorious Pirates” by Captain Charles Jonson, that some theory believe to be Daniel Defoe. Then we went to South Bank to have lunch, we went to an Italian restaurant, the pizza was pretty good. After lunch we went to the ocean, Shorncliffe Pier to be precise. There a good view and we stayed to see the sunset. For dinner we went to a take away and we ate near the Ocean, it was a bit cold tough cause it was really windy.

Sunset on the Ocean

Sunday, lazy day. I woke up at 9 and did nothing but some calculations for my Maths assignment. I spent all day on my computer and reading my new book, I really like it. I used this day to relax and do nothing, in order to be ready for a new week at school.

Monday, school again. I arrived a bit late at school, but there was no problem. During the day I just had normal lesson and basketball training in the afternoon. They told us that next Monday is the last open training, then they will only train the team and I’m not in, so I’ll have to join a gym or find something else to keep myself trained. At home I just had dinner and then we watched Avengers End Game.

Tuesday, today was a special day at school. It was leadership day, so I haven’t had a single lesson in all day we basically played group games all day. It was really fun and I met new cool people. I learned some good stuff on leadership, like being a leader doesn’t mean to have a badge and control others, but to help them and guide them through your idea.

I am really enjoying my experience in Brisbane and it’s a shame that I am only here for three months, it would be nice to stay longer, cause I’m starting to know people and making friends only now, I’ve never been good at making friends.

That’s all for today, thank you.

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