Hey! Her we are, Friday update on my experience as an exchange student in Australia.

Wednesday, I started a new notebook for my journaling, I finished the first one. In the morning I arrived at school early so I read a book and bought something to eat. In digital solutions, the best subject in my opinion, I’m a bit of nerd, I like computer stuff, we are making some examples with python and Tkinter for our assignment, where we have to create a high-score system for a game. It was pretty easy and fun, I’ll put the code at the end of the page. My program basically has 3 buttons: “Greetings”, “Farewell” and “Random”; the first two show on the display “Hello!” and “Goodbye!”, the third one changes randomly the background color, the text color, the text and the color around the test. During the rest of the day I didn’t do anything special. While I was walking home there was a guy with two suitcases in front of me, he stops and leaves the grip from one of them and I, while I was walking next to him, “saved” is suitcase from falling on the ground without even thinking about it, in my mind it’s pretty coll, it probably isn’t, but whatever. After dinner I finished my physics assignment and sent it to my teacher.

Thursday, before first period I had to hand in my physics assignment, so I printed it and went to the science block to give it to the teacher leaving my bag at the cafeteria, where there were my friends. When I got to the the science block the teacher told me I needed the assignment sheet, so I ran back to the cafeteria and printed it out, then I went back to the teacher and gave all to him. When I went back to the cafeteria I ate some biscuits, I had gained them I’d say for all that anxious running, it was my first assignment ever. During the academy, the teacher, that is my digital solutions’, told me and another guy from my class to try and implement SQLite3 in python in order to create tables and fill them with data. Boring stuff if you’re not me, so I will simply tell you taht with the help of the textbook I managed to do it. In the evening some fried came over to play Dungeon and Dragons with my host-dad, in the meanwhile I worked on new game idea: you have a grid with food and monsters and you have to go from a start point to the end collecting all the food without touching the monster, but you can’t go on the same square twice, I think it’s cool.

Friday, today normal day at school, I now have to do digital solution’s and engineering’s assignment, other then the Maths one that I already knew about, how cool… During digital solutions, my favorite subject we created a simple register screen that I then connected to a database. On my way home home I got a lift from one of my Media arts in practice classmates, so I got home pretty fast. At home I had afternoon tea and I jut relaxed. Tomorrow I’m going to the city with friends, I want to buy a book and maybe sunglasses.

That’s all for today, hope you enjoyed, have a nice weekend!

Here is my program code for the nerds like me:
from tkinter import *
 import random
 MainPage = Tk()
 MainPage.resizable(False, False)
 #List with all the colors
 COLORS = ['snow', 'ghost white', 'white smoke', 'gainsboro', 'floral white', 'old lace',
     'linen', 'antique white', 'papaya whip', 'blanched almond', 'bisque', 'peach puff',
     'navajo white', 'lemon chiffon', 'mint cream', 'azure', 'alice blue', 'lavender',
     'lavender blush', 'misty rose', 'dark slate gray', 'dim gray', 'slate gray',
     'light slate gray', 'gray', 'light grey', 'midnight blue', 'navy', 'cornflower blue', 'dark slate blue',
     'slate blue', 'medium slate blue', 'light slate blue', 'medium blue', 'royal blue',  'blue',
     'dodger blue', 'deep sky blue', 'sky blue', 'light sky blue', 'steel blue', 'light steel blue',
     'light blue', 'powder blue', 'pale turquoise', 'dark turquoise', 'medium turquoise', 'turquoise',
     'cyan', 'light cyan', 'cadet blue', 'medium aquamarine', 'aquamarine', 'dark green', 'dark olive green',
     'dark sea green', 'sea green', 'medium sea green', 'light sea green', 'pale green', 'spring green',
     'lawn green', 'medium spring green', 'green yellow', 'lime green', 'yellow green',
     'forest green', 'olive drab', 'dark khaki', 'khaki', 'pale goldenrod', 'light goldenrod yellow',
     'light yellow', 'yellow', 'gold', 'light goldenrod', 'goldenrod', 'dark goldenrod', 'rosy brown',
     'indian red', 'saddle brown', 'sandy brown',
     'dark salmon', 'salmon', 'light salmon', 'orange', 'dark orange',
     'coral', 'light coral', 'tomato', 'orange red', 'red', 'hot pink', 'deep pink', 'pink', 'light pink',
     'pale violet red', 'maroon', 'medium violet red', 'violet red',
     'medium orchid', 'dark orchid', 'dark violet', 'blue violet', 'purple', 'medium purple',
     'thistle', 'snow2', 'snow3',
     'snow4', 'seashell2', 'seashell3', 'seashell4', 'AntiqueWhite1', 'AntiqueWhite2',
     'AntiqueWhite3', 'AntiqueWhite4', 'bisque2', 'bisque3', 'bisque4', 'PeachPuff2',
     'PeachPuff3', 'PeachPuff4', 'NavajoWhite2', 'NavajoWhite3', 'NavajoWhite4',
     'LemonChiffon2', 'LemonChiffon3', 'LemonChiffon4', 'cornsilk2', 'cornsilk3',
     'cornsilk4', 'ivory2', 'ivory3', 'ivory4', 'honeydew2', 'honeydew3', 'honeydew4',
     'LavenderBlush2', 'LavenderBlush3', 'LavenderBlush4', 'MistyRose2', 'MistyRose3',
     'MistyRose4', 'azure2', 'azure3', 'azure4', 'SlateBlue1', 'SlateBlue2', 'SlateBlue3',
     'SlateBlue4', 'RoyalBlue1', 'RoyalBlue2', 'RoyalBlue3', 'RoyalBlue4', 'blue2', 'blue4',
     'DodgerBlue2', 'DodgerBlue3', 'DodgerBlue4', 'SteelBlue1', 'SteelBlue2',
     'SteelBlue3', 'SteelBlue4', 'DeepSkyBlue2', 'DeepSkyBlue3', 'DeepSkyBlue4',
     'SkyBlue1', 'SkyBlue2', 'SkyBlue3', 'SkyBlue4', 'LightSkyBlue1', 'LightSkyBlue2',
     'LightSkyBlue3', 'LightSkyBlue4', 'SlateGray1', 'SlateGray2', 'SlateGray3',
     'SlateGray4', 'LightSteelBlue1', 'LightSteelBlue2', 'LightSteelBlue3',
     'LightSteelBlue4', 'LightBlue1', 'LightBlue2', 'LightBlue3', 'LightBlue4',
     'LightCyan2', 'LightCyan3', 'LightCyan4', 'PaleTurquoise1', 'PaleTurquoise2',
     'PaleTurquoise3', 'PaleTurquoise4', 'CadetBlue1', 'CadetBlue2', 'CadetBlue3',
     'CadetBlue4', 'turquoise1', 'turquoise2', 'turquoise3', 'turquoise4', 'cyan2', 'cyan3',
     'cyan4', 'DarkSlateGray1', 'DarkSlateGray2', 'DarkSlateGray3', 'DarkSlateGray4',
     'aquamarine2', 'aquamarine4', 'DarkSeaGreen1', 'DarkSeaGreen2', 'DarkSeaGreen3',
     'DarkSeaGreen4', 'SeaGreen1', 'SeaGreen2', 'SeaGreen3', 'PaleGreen1', 'PaleGreen2',
     'PaleGreen3', 'PaleGreen4', 'SpringGreen2', 'SpringGreen3', 'SpringGreen4',
     'green2', 'green3', 'green4', 'chartreuse2', 'chartreuse3', 'chartreuse4',
     'OliveDrab1', 'OliveDrab2', 'OliveDrab4', 'DarkOliveGreen1', 'DarkOliveGreen2',
     'DarkOliveGreen3', 'DarkOliveGreen4', 'khaki1', 'khaki2', 'khaki3', 'khaki4',
     'LightGoldenrod1', 'LightGoldenrod2', 'LightGoldenrod3', 'LightGoldenrod4',
     'LightYellow2', 'LightYellow3', 'LightYellow4', 'yellow2', 'yellow3', 'yellow4',
     'gold2', 'gold3', 'gold4', 'goldenrod1', 'goldenrod2', 'goldenrod3', 'goldenrod4',
     'DarkGoldenrod1', 'DarkGoldenrod2', 'DarkGoldenrod3', 'DarkGoldenrod4',
     'RosyBrown1', 'RosyBrown2', 'RosyBrown3', 'RosyBrown4', 'IndianRed1', 'IndianRed2',
     'IndianRed3', 'IndianRed4', 'sienna1', 'sienna2', 'sienna3', 'sienna4', 'burlywood1',
     'burlywood2', 'burlywood3', 'burlywood4', 'wheat1', 'wheat2', 'wheat3', 'wheat4', 'tan1',
     'tan2', 'tan4', 'chocolate1', 'chocolate2', 'chocolate3', 'firebrick1', 'firebrick2',
     'firebrick3', 'firebrick4', 'brown1', 'brown2', 'brown3', 'brown4', 'salmon1', 'salmon2',
     'salmon3', 'salmon4', 'LightSalmon2', 'LightSalmon3', 'LightSalmon4', 'orange2',
     'orange3', 'orange4', 'DarkOrange1', 'DarkOrange2', 'DarkOrange3', 'DarkOrange4',
     'coral1', 'coral2', 'coral3', 'coral4', 'tomato2', 'tomato3', 'tomato4', 'OrangeRed2',
     'OrangeRed3', 'OrangeRed4', 'red2', 'red3', 'red4', 'DeepPink2', 'DeepPink3', 'DeepPink4',
     'HotPink1', 'HotPink2', 'HotPink3', 'HotPink4', 'pink1', 'pink2', 'pink3', 'pink4',
     'LightPink1', 'LightPink2', 'LightPink3', 'LightPink4', 'PaleVioletRed1',
     'PaleVioletRed2', 'PaleVioletRed3', 'PaleVioletRed4', 'maroon1', 'maroon2',
     'maroon3', 'maroon4', 'VioletRed1', 'VioletRed2', 'VioletRed3', 'VioletRed4',
     'magenta2', 'magenta3', 'magenta4', 'orchid1', 'orchid2', 'orchid3', 'orchid4', 'plum1',
     'plum2', 'plum3', 'plum4', 'MediumOrchid1', 'MediumOrchid2', 'MediumOrchid3',
     'MediumOrchid4', 'DarkOrchid1', 'DarkOrchid2', 'DarkOrchid3', 'DarkOrchid4',
     'purple1', 'purple2', 'purple3', 'purple4', 'MediumPurple1', 'MediumPurple2',
     'MediumPurple3', 'MediumPurple4', 'thistle1', 'thistle2', 'thistle3', 'thistle4',
     'gray1', 'gray2', 'gray3', 'gray4', 'gray5', 'gray6', 'gray7', 'gray8', 'gray9', 'gray10',
     'gray11', 'gray12', 'gray13', 'gray14', 'gray15', 'gray16', 'gray17', 'gray18', 'gray19',
     'gray20', 'gray21', 'gray22', 'gray23', 'gray24', 'gray25', 'gray26', 'gray27', 'gray28',
     'gray29', 'gray30', 'gray31', 'gray32', 'gray33', 'gray34', 'gray35', 'gray36', 'gray37',
     'gray38', 'gray39', 'gray40', 'gray42', 'gray43', 'gray44', 'gray45', 'gray46', 'gray47',
     'gray48', 'gray49', 'gray50', 'gray51', 'gray52', 'gray53', 'gray54', 'gray55', 'gray56',
     'gray57', 'gray58', 'gray59', 'gray60', 'gray61', 'gray62', 'gray63', 'gray64', 'gray65',
     'gray66', 'gray67', 'gray68', 'gray69', 'gray70', 'gray71', 'gray72', 'gray73', 'gray74',
     'gray75', 'gray76', 'gray77', 'gray78', 'gray79', 'gray80', 'gray81', 'gray82', 'gray83',
     'gray84', 'gray85', 'gray86', 'gray87', 'gray88', 'gray89', 'gray90', 'gray91', 'gray92',
     'gray93', 'gray94', 'gray95', 'gray97', 'gray98', 'gray99']
 #Change hello_Lbl text
 def greeting():
     greeting_Btn["bg"] = ("Black")
     farewell_Btn["bg"] = ("Red")
     hello_Lbl["bg"] = ("medium spring green")
     MainPage.configure(background="medium spring green")
 #Change hello_Lbl text
 def farewell():
     farewell_Btn["bg"] = ("Black")
     greeting_Btn["bg"] = ("Red")
     hello_Lbl["bg"] = ("orchid4")
 #Change background color
 def random_color():
     farewell_Btn["bg"] = ("Black")
     greeting_Btn["bg"] = ("Black")
     random_Btn["bg"] = ("Red")
     hello_Lbl["bg"] = (random.choice(COLORS))
     hello_Lbl["fg"] = (random.choice(COLORS))
 fontA = "Arial"
 fontsizeA = 30
 fontsizeB = 15
 #Label that changes when a button is pressed, spans 2 colums
 hello_Lbl = Label(MainPage, text="Press a Button", background="coral3")
 hello_Lbl.grid(row=0, column=0, columnspan=2, padx=20, pady=20)
 hello_Lbl["font"] = (fontA, fontsizeA)
 hello_Lbl["fg"] = ("White")
 #Greeting button
 greeting_Btn = Button(MainPage, text="Greeting", width=7, command=greeting)
 greeting_Btn.grid(row=1, column=0, padx=20)
 greeting_Btn["font"] = (fontA, fontsizeA)
 greeting_Btn["bg"] = ("Red")
 greeting_Btn["fg"] = ("White")
 #Farewell button
 farewell_Btn = Button(MainPage, text="Farewell", width=7, command=farewell)
 farewell_Btn.grid(row=1, column=1, padx=20)
 farewell_Btn["font"] = (fontA, fontsizeA)
 farewell_Btn["bg"] = ("Red")
 farewell_Btn["fg"] = ("White")
 #Random color button
 random_Btn = Button(MainPage, text="Random", width=7, command=random_color)
 random_Btn.grid(row=2, column=0, columnspan=2, padx=20, pady = 20)
 random_Btn["font"] = (fontA, fontsizeA)
 random_Btn["bg"] = ("Red")
 random_Btn["fg"] = ("White")

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