Hey! I am here again, writing to the Internet about my experience as a exchange student.

Saturday, I went to the Gold Coast with some friends, the night before I wasn’t feeling very well, but in the morning I was feeling better so I decided to go. I caught the wrong bus so I couldn’t make it to appointment with my friends and I did all the travel by my self. When I got there I couldn’t contact them, when they finally called me back they told me they were swimming and they sent me their position. I got there, changed in my swimsuit and then it was already lunch time. We ate sushi, I had a bit of a stomachache, so I didn’t eat much, it was better like that, it wasn’t all you can eat. In the afternoon we played in the beach and swam. The ocean wasn’t really cold, not hot either, and there were very big waves, so it was fun to jump over them. After all that swimming and playing we ate some pancakes and went home. My stomach was hurting really bad when I was home, so I went immediately to the bathroom. My host-dad asked me if I was fine, I said yes, I was after going to the bathroom. The stomachache was probably caused by the change of the food that I eat and all the other changes in general. It’s normal to feel a bit sick when changing lifestyle, the body isn’t used to it yet, but it will get used to it with time.

Gold Coast, Surfer’s Paradise.

Sunday, I slept more than usual, and in late morning I went to buy shoes for school and then I joined my friends at Mount Coot-Tha where they were having a picnic. Buying shoes was a bit of an adventure: I took the bus from home, at Oxley, and went to Inala Plaza where there was supposed to be a shop where I could buy cheap shoes, it wasn’t there. I then took the bus back, but I realized that it will have taken me a lot of time to go back to Oxley and then to Indooroopilly, I decided to go to Roma Street Station to take a train, but I had already passed the stop. I asked the driver that told me to jump off in the next stop and take the bus back, so I did. At Roma Street I took the train to Indooroopilly where I went to the mall to buy the shoes, I bought them and some lunch. I then took the train and the bus to get to the Outlook of Mount Coot-Tha. When I got there my friends told me they were gone down, because there wasn’t space for the picnic. I got there running. The afternoon was fun, we played, talked and then we all went home. At home I had dinner and went to sleep after some TV.

My new school shoes.

Monday, back to school. Normal day at school, during physics the teacher gave us the draft’s feedback, mine wasn’t really good, and I discovered that I have to finish it for Thursday morning. After school I had my basketball training and went home. After dinner I worked on my physics assignment and went to bed.

Tuesday, normal day at school. There was an assembly during ATAR, they didn’t say anything of my interest, I’m only staying a term. At home I worked again on my physics assignment, I don’t really know how to improve it.

That’s all for today, thank you!

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