Australia #3

Hey guys, I’m back again, writing to to you about my experience.

Wednesday, digital solution exam, it wasn’t that difficult, but it wasn’t easy. I think I’ll get at least a C, I hope. during Math class I started to know new people, they asked weird question, like if we have cereals in Italy, but they were nice. At home on my physics assignment draft, due the next day and some friends called me to continue our media arts in practice assignment template. After dinner I continued making my physics assignment and I sent it to my teacher. After that I worked on a personal work and went to bed.

Thursday, before first period I handed the physics assignment to my teacher. First day of the academy, on my timetable there was written to go to C04, I went there and they told me to go to A04 where they told that I was in the class next-door. We went to see Romeo and Juliet with year 10, I’m year 11. In the evening I went to watch Spider-man Far From Home with the other international students. It was good, I wanted to watch it since launch date, but I never had the opportunity.

Friday, today there was the second digital solutions exam, the teacher told me that I wouldn’t had to do it, but he gave it to me, at first I was afraid he forgot, I hadn’t studied, but then I told him and he told me that if I wanted I could try, but he wouldn’t count it, I tried some stuff, probably got it all wrong. We interviewed our coordinator during media arts in practice, it was cool. For the rest of the day I didn’t do anything special.

That’s all for today, thank you.

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