I am here again, writing about my experience. During this days I have done a ton of things that I really want to tell you.

Saturday, I should have gone to the Gold Coast with friend, but they wrote that they couldn’t go anymore. In the morning I went to a festival at Corinda Primary School. It was fun, there was a lot of food and students who played in an orchestra, they were good. I ate a bit, bought some biscuits and then I went to the station to meet the international students and have lunch. We went to Subway, it was my first time there, I took a big sandwich and two biscuits. After lunch we took the train to go to Robina, where we went to a mall to eat more. At 4.50 we met at the station with our coordinator, other teachers and international students to go watch a football match, Broncos vs Titans, the first one won 36-14, it was my first football match, at first I couldn’t understand anything, but when they explained me the rules it became all clear. The other students were really nice. After the match we went home and I went to sleep.

Broncos vs Titans

Sunday, lazy morning, I did some physics work for the assignment. I ate a really good biscuit.type food, I don’t remember the name, they were really good, you had to cut then in half and put cream and jam on them. In the afternoon I went to South Bank with some friends because there was a noodles festival. We walked around a bit talking and went to eat the “flying noodles”. They seemed good, but they were hard and cold, so not really what I was expecting. After dinner we went to the river t sit down and talk and it was time to go home. At home I watched a funny TV series called “The Boys”, it really funny, but a bit gore, it’s like superheros but in the real world, so they are corrupted and they work only for money.

Flying noodles

Monday, school again, what a pain. Normal day, expect after the first break, when roll class was starting there was an alarm, probably a fire simulation, we all went to the Oval and sat on the grass for 20 minutes until the start of third period. After school I had my basketball training, we practiced pass and cut. For dinner my host-mum made some pizza, it wasn’t that bad, the only thing is that they put too much onion. After eating I watched “The Boys” again and went to bad.

Tuesday, normal day at school, during ATAR we went to sport center because they had to explain things that didn’t concerned me, so I did’t listen to them. After school, at home I studied Digital Solution, I have the test tomorrow. Now I am going to relax a bit and then review for the test.

That’s all for today.

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