I am here again to tell you about my past few days. I decided that I will write a post every Tuesday and Friday.

During this few days I’ve done a lot of interesting things.

Wednesday, The day before I was in a pretty bad mood and spent all night in my room. In the morning I slept in and when I woke up my host-mum asked me what I was doing all night in my room and why I didn’t help her. I said I was setting up things on my computer with the music, so I couldn’t hear her and I was sorry. Moments like this can happen to anyone, so if you are an exchange student don’t worry, everything will set up. In fact, after school it seemed like it had never happened. I went running, finally I’d say, I felt really good, I like running, it makes me feel free.

Thursday, I woke on time, got dressed and went to school. The fist part of the day was normal, then during the second break they took us international students to the pool to take our swimming certificate. The test was pretty easy, we had to do normal swimming things, like entering the water swimming and exiting. We skipped the third lesson, but we came back in time for the second break and the last lesson. It was English, but the teacher wasn’t there, so I talked to my classmate that was sitting next to me, I don’t remember his name, I did some engineering homework and programmed a bit for my game “From the Origin“, if you want you can download it for free on itch.io where you can also find other 2 games that I made. During the afternoon I tied to fix some bugs in my game, but I didn’t manage to fix them all. For dinner we had kangaroo, I thought it was expensive, but turns out it’s not, you eat it in expensive restaurants because it has few fat and can be difficult to cook. It was really good, but it hasn’t a very special taste. You can see a photo of eating down here. After dinner I watched some TV and went to sleep.

Me eating kangaroo with my school sport uniform.

Friday, today was a normal day, nothing special happened. School in the morning and home in the afternoon. I played with my little host-brother while my host-dad was making some pasta. As you can imagine for dinner we had “pasta bolognesi” as they call it here. After dinner I watched Stranger Things and now I am here writing.

That’s all for today, thanks.

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